Clarabelle’s Journey

Meet Clarabelle!

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Clarabelle was Cello’s house guest for 5 days while she was in between foster homes. ¬†Clarabelle was rescued from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina, and is a (approx) 9 month old Hound-mix. ¬†She is a sweet southern belle with ice-blue eyes (no filter on those baby-blues – they are truly THAT blue!).

She is spayed, up to date on shots, and has been to the vet this week. ¬†We took her to the vet while she was with us because I suspected that she had ear infections (she did)…and while we were at the vet, it was discovered that she has an umbilical hernia – which is common – and ¬†is not harmful to her at the moment, but would have to be watched for possible repair.
In the Jeep on the way to the vet, enjoying a bully stick:
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She is a very happy and affectionate dog despite her unfortunate past. ¬†After being abandoned in a kill-shelter, Clarabelle was then unfortunately placed in a foster home that was found to be not adequate. ¬†That’s when we took her for a few days, so that she would be out of yet another unfortunate environment. ¬†She came to us with a broken harness, un-bathed, and I immediately could “smell” ear infections (if you’ve ever had a dog with a bad ear infection, you know what I mean!!) ¬† It was also suspected that Clara was made to stay in a crate for long hours at her first foster home.
We went to a local pet store and bought Clara a new harness and martingale collar asap.
We made sure to provide her with lots of running and play time so that she could release some of her pent-up energy!
Clarabelle after much running decided it was time to rest!
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Clara was SO good during her clean-up and let me bathe her, clean her ears and teeth, and brush her after her bath.  It was great to see her all cleaned-up and smelling good!
She was so sweet… she “hugged” me gently with her paws and nuzzled in for kisses for as long as I would¬†let her. ¬†All she wanted to do was to¬†be around people and dogs, and be petted, kissed, and loved – and OUT of her crate. ¬†As far as we had seen, she had shown no aggression toward people, children, or other dogs. ¬†She had seen my cat, Loki, from afar/through a gate – and just stood there watching – no barking or aggression – just curiously watched. ¬†We did¬†not truly introduce her to Loki, so I can’t verify if she is completely cat-friendly.
Clarabelle loved playing soccer in our yard!photo 4
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Clara has an amazing jumping ability, and can easily jump over gates and fences and onto tables and counter tops.  A high, physical fence is necessary, as she can easily jump a 4ft+ fence.
Originally, we were only supposed to have Clara for a night or two. ¬†During her move to us, her next lined-up foster home fell through. ¬†She wound up being with us for 5 days. ¬†Although she immediately stole our hearts, we knew our home was not the right fit for Clara to be fostered. ¬†Cello was NOT happy with Clara’s puppy behaviors, and was acting-out. ¬†Clara also continuously tried to jump our 4ft fence. ¬†We did our best in our short time with Clara to love and care for her. ¬†We were happy to have gotten her out of her unfortunate situation, and to have been able to provide Clara¬†with a temporary stay in a gentle, loving, and caring environment. ¬†Clara’s has moved to another foster home, and is still looking for a long-term foster, or better yet – a forever home!
Here is a FB link with her pictures
Also, pictures and video of her can be viewed on New Life Rescue’s FB page ¬†
New Life Animal Rescue’s website ¬†¬†¬† …¬†as well as on Cello’s FB page, and Cello’s Instagram and Twitter pages (all easily accessed here on¬†Cello’s Corner).
Help Clarabelle’s Journey end, and give¬†her a forever-home! …To find out more details on¬†Clara, to volunteer to foster her, or to apply for adoption, please visit New Life Animal Rescue’s website ¬†¬† or email them at¬†