Hog Dog Daze: Ultimate Air Dogs at Hog Dog Productions: Millersville, MD

We decided to try dock diving through a different organization.  On August 11, 2017 we headed down to Maryland to Hog Dog Productions to try out an Ultimate Air Dogs competition.  We hadn’t been to a UAD event since Limoncello’s very first event back in 2013!

We were able to camp right on site!

Ultimate Air Dogs is a bit different from Dock Dogs  and offers some different kinds of “games” for the dogs to compete in, such as Fetch-It, Catch-It, and Chase-It.



The Splashes:

20’9″          2nd Place Masters Division


21’2″  2nd Place Masters Division



8.21 seconds     8th Place 



16ft     4th Place




The Splashes:

23’1″       1st Place Master Elite Division

24’8″       1st Place Ultimate Division

22’8″       1st Place Master Elite Division


24’8″     1st Place Ultimate Division



The Splashes:

19’9″      4th Place Senior Elite Division

19’11”     5th Place Senior Elite Division

21’4″     2nd Place Master Division

20’4″     6th Place Master Division


20’3″     3rd Place Master Division



6.147 seconds     2nd Place


Margarita spent her weekend getting petted by everyone, and enjoying her pink Wubba and  Ko Ko CHEWnel toy!


Liver Killer Bling

How Cello Got Started in Dock Diving Contests

September 7 and 8, 20132A3P6234 From the very first day Cello laid eyes on our lake, she has always loved diving off the dock into our lake at our house ! When we brought her home as a puppy, we thought we’d have to coax her into the lake water…little did we know she is the ultimate water dog!  We brought her to the edge of our property, and Cello dove right in like she had been doing it forever!! …she does this over and over again with no prompting…just for pure fun! Cello likes to show off for spectators and neighbors who are floating or paddling by on our lake. Then she will swim around to each person floating nearby to get a quick pat on the head before getting back on the dock to dive! Brian and I came across a dock diving contest Hosted by Ultimate Air Dogs, and held at Fido’s Festival in Woodstown, NJ. We are always looking for an excuse to go camping, so we decided it would be a fun camping weekend, and also an exciting event for Cello…we had no idea how addictive this sport was, or just how good Cello was! …so on September 6, 2013, we hooked up our travel trailer and headed to Salem County Fair Grounds to camp for the weekend and register Cello in the contest, which was being held September 7 and 8, 2013.  

Cello wound up making the Finals, and took second place in the Senior Division Finals with a jump of 15′ 1″ !!!  We were shocked!

Ultimate Air Dogs had their short dock set up (20 feet in length).  The dogs are ranked in divisions by how far they jump.

Here is Ultimate Air Dogs Division Rankings:

NOVICE: up to 9’11”
JUNIOR: 10’ to 14’11”
SENIOR: 15’ to 17’5”
SENIOR ELITE: 17’6” to 19’11”
MASTER:20’ to 22’5”
MASTER!ELITE: 22’6” to 24’
ULTIMATE: 24’1” and over

Cello jumped in 4 Splashes…here are her results on the short (20′) dock:

  • 12′ 8″
  • 12’9″
  •  12’8′
  • 12′ 3″
  • 11’10”
  • 14’8″
  • 12’6″
  • 12’11”



  • 14’7″
  • 15’1″
  • Earned a Second Place Senior Division Ribbon


Cello’s “boyfriend” Nemo competed in this event also, and did very well!!

“Grandoms” Pat and Jan, “Aunt” Casey, 9 month old “Cousin” James, “boyfriend” Memphis, and ” human friends” Chris, Cindy, and Bill came out to cheer Cello on…thanks for your support!