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Cello’s “Spread” on the Trover Coats Facebook Page

While at Cello’s second dock diving contest at the Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show, we met sweet little Bailey, another female GSP, and Bailey’s “mom,” Annie.  Bailey was wearing an awesome red “robe” looking coat… it resembled a horse blanket, and looked and felt comfy/warm enough for me to want one for myself!  We asked Annie where she purchased this, and she gave us the information.  A company called Trover makes this coat (called a “Bone Dry” coat).  After contacting the company, I realized that Cello’s measurements did not quite match up with the measurements given online for specific sizes.  The person that emailed me from Trover Coats (Toni) couldn’t have been nicer, or more helpful.  They “adjusted” the coat to be fitted for Cello, and shipped out the coat quickly.   The coat fit perfectly, and is so well made!  I was so happy, that I emailed Toni back with pictures of Cello wearing her Bone Dry coat after some dock diving fun at our house.  Toni posted Cello’s pictures on Trover Coats Facebook page… Here is Cello’s “online modeling” debut:  😉


Trover Dog Coats  Facebook - Google Chrome 11142013 44203 PM.bmp

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