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Snow, Snow, Go Away!! January Updates…

The month of January has been brutal all the way around.

First and foremost, I want to take the time to share our sympathy for our dock diving friends, Annie and Matt, who lost their beloved GSP, Bailey, suddenly on January 30th.  Bailey was only 7 years old.  You can view Bailey’s memorial page here.  We are deeply saddened and will continue to keep Bailey, Annie, and Matt in our thoughts and Prayers. Annie has given Brian and I so much appreciated advice and help with dock diving.  We looked forward to seeing Bailey at dock diving events, as she too, was a small GSP like Cello, and so very sweet.  Bailey inspired us to buy Cello’s dock diving coat by Trover…and Cello’s Corner would not exist if it wasn’t for us meeting Bailey.  Annie’s blog, The Little GSP, inspired me to start this site to share Cello’s Adventures with the world.  We were lucky to have met Annie, Matt, and sweet Bailey…and Bailey was fortunate and blessed to have such loving, caring parents.

Our good friends, and parents of one of Cello’s boyfriends and dock diving-bud, Nemo also had an unfortunate incident.  Nemo’s dad had fallen and injured himself, and Nemo’s mom travels a lot for work, …so they had asked us to care for Nemo for a short time.  Despite Nemo’s dad’s unfortunate event, Nemo and Cello had a blast together.  Nemo’s stay made for Cello’s first official sleep over.  We had Nemo at our house for about a week, and enjoyed every second of our time with him.  Nemo’s dad has since recovered, and Nemo is back home.

The love birds’ sleep-over!

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January has also been rough in the weather department.  We have had snow-covered ground for pretty much the entire month!  It’s currently snowing again – and we are due to get a hefty snow storm again in just a few more days.  Temps have been either freezing, or below freezing, and the lake is frozen.  Cello has made the best of both the snow, and indoor playtime, but enough is enough!  We had only 2 days that were above freezing AND no snow on the ground – so we made sure to get Cello to the dog park on those two days! 

Fun in the Snow

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The only 2 days we could get to the park when no snow was on the ground!

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 And sub-zero temps left lots of time to relax indoors…

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*You can also view these and other pictures of Cello’s Adventures on her Instagram and Flicker pages.  

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