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Redbeard Brewing Company, Staunton, VA

How could Cello resist stopping at a brewing company named after her Daddy 😉  With Brian being a “ginger”… we couldn’t resist stopping at  Redbeard Brewing Company , located in the historic Wharf district of Staunton, Va. It is Staunton’s first downtown brewery,  and they specialize in “small batches of big beers.”


Here is Cello with her Papa Redbeard 😉



2 thoughts on “Redbeard Brewing Company, Staunton, VA

  1. Hi folks – I love your photo of Redbeard Brewery! May I have your permission to use it on our new website, GoVirginiaGetaways.com? We’ll show a logo and photo for each brewery, and I’d love to use this as our photo for Redbeard Brewing.

    Thanks for considering it!

    • Hello! Sure! That’s awesome !Would you like to just copy the picture from our blog, or would you like me to send you the original? We are on our way to a dock diving event for our pups and will be home Monday night – which is when I would be able to send the original, if that’s what you choose. Also, we have been to many wineries in Virginia– if you go through the posts of https://celloscorner.com/category/cello-has-been-there/

      You will see many more pictures of all the wineries in VA that we have been to with our pup(s)!

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