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11 Weeks

Today Hooch turns 11 weeks old!  I can’t believe how much he has changed since the day we met him!  

This week Hooch has perfected his “sit,” and has begun to understand “down.”  He has had less potty accidents in the house, and has grown SO much!! He was watching his sister, Cello, this week jumping off the dock, and decided to jump in himself!!  Of course I missed recording the jump – but I was able to catch his not-so-graceful swim back to shore on video! (video below!)

photo 3



photo 1 (1)


Out on the dock at dusk…Hooch watching Cello swim:

photo (6)

Hooch swimming back to land after he dove in off the dock:

2 thoughts on “11 Weeks

  1. Okay, I’m sitting here smiling as I watch Hooch’s successful and brave paddling! I know you must have been so excited that he jumped in by himself! Such a big boy ♥♥

    • Haha! Thanks! He hasn’t jumped in since so I am not sure if he decided he hated it again or not!? I am trying to figure a way for the videos to be of better quality– they look perfect on my iPhone 5s… But then look like poor quality when posted. Any ideas? Thanks!

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