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New Year’s Eve 2015: Lager’s First NYE!

Brian and I got engaged  the day before New Years Eve, so we used to always make a big party out of the holiday, whether it was hosing a big bash at our home, or attending a big gala or celebration… until we got Limoncello.  Cello is gun shy… and shy of ANY loud noises – fire place crackling, fireworks, etc.  So ever since we discovered that she was fearful of fireworks, we decided to make New Years Eve a family night at home, so that we could be there to comfort her.  Once neighbors start to set off fireworks, Cello pretty much spends her night huddled in with her Papa.

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We do try to make it a fun night before the “scary noises” begin, and of course, always have some NYE bling to dress the pups in!

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Happy New Year from our pack to yours!

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  1. I am surprised to read that Cello is scared of fireworks. Bentley HATES fireworks and thunderstorms. This year I began adding Dr. Harvey’s Relax to his food a few days before New Year’s Eve. He actually crawled up on the couch and napped! He is usually pacing and panting. You might try some before the 4th of July.

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