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Blizzard of 2016: Lager’s First Snow!

The humans in our pack are not fans of snow, but the fur-kids LOVE it!  We knew Cello and Hooch loved snow from last year’s winter, but we were not sure how Lager would react. Without much surprise, Lager was excited as ever, and thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow, and catching snowballs!

Here are some pictures and video of the Liver Killers enjoying the Blizzard of 2016 :

Lager’s first snowFullscreen capture 322016 80558 PM.bmp

Brian having a snow ball catch with the pups:

Cello showing the boys how it’s done:

Fullscreen capture 322016 80624 PM.bmp

Hooch making the catch:

Fullscreen capture 322016 80658 PM.bmp

Lager eyeing up the catch:Fullscreen capture 322016 80945 PM.bmp

Lager over shooting the throw!Fullscreen capture 322016 80646 PM.bmp

The pups had a blast in the snow, and although shoveling wasn’t so fun, Brian and I enjoyed watching Cello, Hooch, and Lager enjoy themselves!

Is it summer YET!?!??! 🙂

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