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Easter 2019

Happy Easter from the Lemons and the Livers!

The Lemons:

Lemon Pointers: Margarita, Porter (foster pup), and Whiskey

The Livers:

Liver GSPs: Lager, Limoncello, and Hooch

Our pups had a blast doing an Easter egg hunt on our camper during our Easter camping trip!

When We arrived home from our camping trip, the Easter Bunny had left a little something for Margarita and foster pup Porter!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Easter 2019

  1. Loves these pictures. I always have trouble with the Lemons. Didnt realize how big Porter is. As always I’m amazed at how u get them to do that. There r Pros that cant do that! Once again….Book!!! 🐾😊

  2. OMD! Those are the cutest Easter videos ever. What a wonderful time they had finding the hidden eggs. They were so excited and I was snickering along with them.

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