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To Have a Comeback, You KNEEd to Have a Setback

May 4, 2023: Final Check-Up


Whiskey definitely had a tougher time with her left knee compared to the surgery and recovery of her right knee. Prior to the appointment I had been in touch with her surgical team to let them know that she was still favoring her left knee at times and that the lymph node in her rear left leg was enlarged. Whiskey also still needed to be on Gabapentin twice a day to minimize the limping on her left side. On May 4th, Dr. Morris examined Whiskey and felt that overall she looked great. Whiskey was using both of her back legs without hesitation during the appointment, but still had some swelling along her left incision. The lymph node behind her left knee was still enlarged, but Dr. Morris said she is hopeful this will resolve on its own as the swelling continues to improve. Whiskey also had X-rays done which did not display any sign of infection, and showed that her bone has completely and appropriately healed.

Home Care Instructions:

  • Unlimited leash walking- allow off leash for about 5 minutes after each walk
  • Figure 8 Circles, to the left and the right, trotting/ running speed
  • Trotting or running in a straight line- no sharp cuts or turns
  • Short retrieves

Whiskey can return to her normal activity level at the end of 2-3 weeks of gradual increases.

Whiskey’s first time off-lead since February 1, 2023

May 8, 2023

Despite how well Whiskey’s final check-up went, swelling at the incision suddenly seemed to have increased, a sore had formed, and Whiskey was limping a bit more.

Left knee:

Left knee (left) in comparison to the right knee (right):

View of both knees:

I shared my observations with Whiskey’s surgical team, who was very responsive and extremely supportive. After reviewing the photos and videos that I had shared, Dr. Morris decided to put Whiskey on a round of antibiotics. If the swelling, sore, and limping does not improve upon the completion of the antibiotics in two weeks, Whiskey will have to return to Dr. Morris for a re-examination.

Whiskey began taking Cefpodoxime Proxetil on May 8th. We are hopeful that by at the end of her antibiotic regimen, the overall condition of Whiskey’s left knee will have improved. The conclusion of Whiskey’s antibiotic schedule happens to fall on the Feast Day of Saint Rita! (Saint Rita of Cascia (Born Margherita Lotti) is the patron Saint of impossible causes and bodily ills). I will be praying to Saint Rita for relief and healing for Whiskey.

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