Delmarva DockDogs Unleashed at Pooch Palooza; Berlin, MD

During the weekend of April 22-23, The Liver Killers attended one of our favorite competitions held annually at Frontier Town Campground.

We absolutely love this campground – and the dogs LOVE the waterfront campsite !

Here are the dock diving results from this event:


Big Air:  




Extreme Vertical:    4’10”

Speed Retrieve:    8.418 seconds

Iron Dog:     2678.44 points (3rd Place Warrior Division)


Big Air:


Finals:   23’2″ (First Place)


Extreme Vertical:   6’0″


Big Air:




Extreme Vertical:    5’8″  (2nd Place)


Margarita enjoyed competing in a Pie Eating Contest, where she earned herself a 6th Place ribbon!

Rita also enjoyed Lure Coursing… but perhaps enjoyed the horses around the Lure Coursing field more so than the Lure Coursing itself, as she ignored the lure, and bolted off to the fence-line to see the horses!  🙁


Delmarva DockDogs Unleashed at Pooch Palooza: Frontier Town Campground, Berlin, MD

File Jul 12, 5 40 19 PM

This was our second year attending Pooch Palooza at Frontier Town Campground.

We love this event, and the best part is – it is held right at one of our favorite campgrounds!

This was also a special trip because it was Rita’s first camping trip!

File Jul 13, 12 30 46 PM

File Jul 12, 5 42 06 PM

Lager is helping Rita get acquainted with Glamping:File Jul 13, 12 28 50 PM

Brian’s dad bought us a PetCube pet camera so we can walk outside of our camper

File Jul 12, 5 41 38 PM

View from our camp site:

File Jul 12, 5 41 09 PM

This was our first dock diving event of 2016!

File Jul 12, 5 34 36 PM

Photo Credit: Precise Video Productions


Big Air:                       22′ 3″



Extreme Vertical:  4′ 10″

Speed Retrieve:      8.566 seconds    2nd Place Express Division

Iron Dog:                  2697.17 points     2nd Place Warrior Division


This was the first time Hooch tried Iron Dog!

Big Air:                        23’6″  2nd Place Elite Division

Big Air Pro Finals:  19’11”

File Jul 12, 5 35 48 PM

Photo Credit: Precise Video Productions


Extreme Vertical:    5’10”                        1st Place Cadet Division

Speed Retrieve:        7.409 seconds

Iron Dog:                     2902.83 points       3rd Place Titan Division



Big Air:    12’9″ 

                    19’2″   3rd Place Senior Division

                    19’3″ 1st Place Senior     

File Jul 12, 5 34 46 PM

Photo Credit: Precise Video Productions


Extreme Vertical:  6’0″

File Jul 12, 5 43 22 PM


Margarita enjoyed her first camping trip and her first dock diving event!  She got LOTS of attention from everyone!

File Jul 13, 12 32 04 PM

Hanging out under the team canopy

Easter 2015 – Frontier Town Campground: Berlin, MD

This Easter we camped with friends at one of our favorite campgrounds – Frontier Town Campground, in Berlin, MD.

DSC05483_edited DSC05482_edited

We LOVED our campsite here! DSC05494_edited

We first discovered Frontier Town Campground when we attended a dock diving competition held right in the campground!  We camped here for the dock diving competition as well.

Here is the view from our site:


The water views around the campground are gorgeous!DSC05497_edited

This was Hooch’s first-ever Easter!  It was exciting to make his basket for the first time!


Cello’s Easter basket:


Easter morning – the Easter Bunny has arrived to the 5th Wheel with toys and treats!


Cello and Hooch had a great time opening their Easter baskets with the help of their Pop!





After Cello and Hooch opened their Easter baskets, they had an Easter egg hunt in the 5th Wheel! …see if you can find all the “hidden” eggs! DSC05452_edited




Yay! Hooch found his first bacon-filled Easter egg!DSC05467

After each egg is found, the pup who found the egg gets the bacon inside of the egg – Hooch thought this was LOTS of fun, and waited patiently for his bacon reward! DSC05471_edited


Hooch enjoyed all his Easter treats and toys – and, of course, stole Cello’s bunny toy!


Overall, we had a great trip, and Hooch enjoyed his first-ever Easter!

Delmarva DockDogs Unleashed at Pooch Palooza, at Frontier Town Campground, Berlin, MD

This was the first time Cello has competed in this Delmarva DockDogs event, hosted by Delmarva Unleashed, and held at the Frontier Town Campground.


Unfortunately the DockDogs website is under construction, and I cannot post the exact results for Cello at this time.  However, I can say it was a great weekend for Cello!  She won several medals, made the Big Air Elite Division (23′ to 24’11” range) Finals, finishing in first place, earning herself a cash prize, big ribbon, and gift bag!  Our good friend, John, and his dog , Storm, finished in second place, so it was a very exciting Big Air Elite Finals competition!


Cello gave it her best at Extreme Vertical again – this time finishing in third place in the Cadet Division, earning herself a cash prize, big ribbon, and gift bag!





Here is the first video I have of Cello doing Extreme Vertical:

Hooch is still too  young to go off the dock, but we did show him the pool and gave him a chance to fetch his toy!

GO HOOCH! …Look out, Cello!! DSC07435

Good Boy!DSC07442

So proud of himself!DSC07416

Here’s to a great weekend…Cheers to Tommy D!


Frontier Town Campground, Berlin, MD

We camped at Frontier town Campground in Berlin, MD for Cello’s Pooch Palooza dock diving event.  I have to say – this may be one of my favorite campgrounds!

 I can’t wait to go back!!

This campground boats a theme park, water park, crabbing docks, arcade, restaurant (with excellent food!!), saloon, miniature golf, horse back riding, water park, and a “High Ropes” obstacle course suspended in the air in the trees!


We stayed on site “Red 14” (Z 16) – and it was AWESOME! The only other site we saw that was slightly better view than ours was Z 16.

Our site, Z 14:


The site was on the water, was very large, nicely landscaped, and had a very nice stone fire pit.DSC06849

View from our bay window:DSC06799

Around the campground…




This is the first campground we’ve been to that had a Saloon!!DSC06962

Inside the Saloon:DSC07395



Jail Birds:DSC07667


No, Brian, no one is coming to bail you out…Cello, maybe…!DSC07682

Real Jaws movie prop at the campground!DSC07633





This is the view just a few steps away from our site:




“High Ropes” obstacle course in the trees:DSC07390


This campground was fun, beautiful, and just minutes away from SO many great places like Ocean City, Assateague, and the quaint town of Berlin, MD!

Both Lager and Rita camped here as well the following year!